What display to choose for your IoT application

EPD vs. Reflective TFT LCD by Irene Tsai

Often, our customers wonder what the best display solution for their IoT application could be.

Simple criteria are to check your operational condition and power consumption requirement!

In short, for indoor application, we would recommend using EPD (Electronic Paper Display, an electrophoretic display), while outdoor usage reflective TFT LCD is better option!

Power consumption point of view, we see EPD best fit to IoT battery powered devices, however, it’s operation condition: 0℃-50℃, 0℃-40℃ and -25℃-+10℃ are not enough for Nordic outdoor conditions ( -20℃ to 50℃).

Conventional TFT LCD can fulfill this requirement but it will need ultra-high brightness (meaning high current consumption for LCD light source). Therefore for battery powered IoT devices, it’s NO GO!

Reflective TFT LCD is best for IoT outdoor battery powered applications, due to its relectance up to 30%, ambient light is enough to see the content in outdoors. 

After the technical evaluation, in fact, the reliable supply chain is the key for both EPD and reflective display, because the quality vendors are limited for these two types of displays!

In SolisDisplay we aim to provide low emission solution, customized display modules, besides the color glass / touch module design and production. We are continuously developing our display partners to provide the reliable customized display modules for IOT devices throughout the whole product lifetime, from design, mass production to end of life.

SolisDisplay is now cooperating with DKE to offer the variety of display sizes and different requirements in Nordic where the most innovative IOT applications continues its momentum to develop further even during coronavirus pandemic year.  

Please check complete DKE EPD portfolio at: https://solisdisplay.com/dke-e-paper/

SolisDisplay has a standard EPD module portfolio available at: https://solisdisplay.com/e-paper-modules/

We are happy to help you with any customized EPD modules/solutions!

Please contact: Irene Tsai / Head of Programs irene@pp-rest.com

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