Connecting Utility Equipment to the IoT

Edge computing and advanced sensor technologies deliver scalable and affordable integration solutions for existing devices!

Outages Cost Millions & Drive Customer Dissatisfaction

Outages Affect All Utility Types

  • Major events make up >20% of total interruptions but make up <50% of average outage duration
  • “Regular” events still involve significant outage duration ~2hrs
  • Customer interruptions continue to get worse

“There is no way to instantly pinpoint the location of a fault on a line segment that cannot be automatically restored. These faults are typically located by linemen getting into a utility truck and driving around the neighborhood inspecting every part of the line segment.” Source: Puget Sound Electric

Atomation Utility Pole Solution

Resilient, Secure and Instant Visibility, Requiring No New Infrastructure

  • Immediately identify problems
  • Effectively dispatch crews
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Real time alerts
  • Scalable with no single point of failure
  • Data collection and long-term analytics

Top Deployment Scenarios

Hard To Access Infrastructure

  • Reduce costs associated with expensive equipment to find and repair poles in inaccessible areas
  • Use AT-U1.0c

Weather Prone Areas

  • Immediately triage large scale outages due to weather and natural disasters.
  • Use AT-R1.0 on poles and GW-R1.0c for communication

Rural or Seasonal Locations

  • Identify outages in locations where smart meters aren’t effective in identifying outages and people are not around to call in outages.
  • Use AT-R1.0c or AT-R1.0/GW-R1.0c, depending on pole spacing

Critical infrastructure

  • Monitor multiple parts on transmission towers for preventative maintenance.
  • Use AT-R1.0 or AT-C1.0 and GW-R1.0c for communication

Simple Field Installation

Anyone Can Install and Setup

  • Can be mounted at any height (recommend 10-12’ from ground)
  • Self-calibrating: no need for level or plumb installation
  • Configurable pole description database
  • Automated connection and registration

“As we calibrate the unit, going through the steps of calibration are simple. With one push of the button, the Atom is calibrated.” Allan Branstetter: Director, Risk Management & Training, AMEC

Check further details of Atomation® Smart Sensors (i.e. Atoms) from:

We are happy to provide You a demo and help You with the Pilot Program/Project!

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