Consulting Service – Display & Touch and HMI Projects in China

We are widening our service portfolio by offering a consultancy service in Mainland China. Our local experts in China have long experience and wide track record of Managing, Designing and Marketing international Display & Touch and HMI projects and deliverables.

If You are facing issues of your current Display & Touch and HMI projects and cannot overcome critical design, quality or manufacturing issues over online meetings, we are happy to help you to identify road blocks, make a consultancy proposal, create an improvement plan and finally execute the plan – with the help of our local Experts!


Our Team will help you to execute your Project Plan and Targets together with your Project Management team and with your Chinese partner (EMS/OEM/ODM/Vendor/Manufacturer). Our team will act under the mandate of a Client and report all findings to Client team, providing improvement and corrective action plan.

Client has responsibility to negotiate and agree with Chinese counter part, that our nominated person has full access and support to carry out tasks defined in SOW!


We will provide DFMA plan for your Project and align that with the actual Manufacturing Line(s) in China.

We will also check Manufacturing Process parameters, tools and jigs and working instructions, to meet your yield and product performance targets.


Our team will carry out required Quality Assessment based on your standard criteria – Communicate Quality targets and required specifications and standards with your local manufacturing site – Follow-up Corrective Actions


Our Service process flow:

Consultancy Project – Process Flow

For further information, please contact to:

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