EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) mesh film is used in TFT (Thin Film Transistor) displays to reduce electromagnetic interference and improve the performance of the display. EMI reduction is essential feature in applications such as Industrial, Military, Vehicle, Medical and Avionics Displays and HMI Modules.

EMI mesh film is made of conductive materials such as metal or metal-coated plastic. It is designed with a mesh pattern that allows the passage of light while blocking electromagnetic interference.

We at SolisDisplay have a portfolio of TDM (Touch Display Modules) with an integrated EMI Mesh Film:

TDM with EMI Mesh Film
SizeP/NResolutionTouchCover GlassDriver Board
7.0″RL_TDM_7.0_0011280×800RTP HDMI
10.1″RL_TDM_10.1_0041920 x 1080xLVDS
10.1″RL_TDM_10.1_0051920 x 1080CTPxLVDS
10.1″RL_TDM_10.1_0061920 x 1200CTPxLVDS
11.6″RL_TDM_11.6_0011920 x 1080RTP LVDS
15.6″RL_TDM_15.6_0021920 x 1080CTPxHDMI
15.6″RL_TDM_FF15.6_0011920 x 1080RTPAG GlassHDMI
15.6″RL_TFT_15.6_0011920 x 1080xHDMI
18.5″RL_TDM_18.5_0041920 x 1080CTPxHDMI
18.5RL_TDM_FF18.5_0011920 x 1080RTPAG GlassHDMI
21.5″RL_TDM_21.5_0031920 x 1080CTPxHDMI
SolisDisplay Modules with an integrated EMI Mesh Film
15.6″ 1920 x 1080 TFT + RTP + EMI Mesh Film + AG Glass

EMI Shielding

Electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation, which can interfere with nearby electronic components and devices. EMI mesh film acts as a shield, blocking electromagnetic interference from both entering and leaving the display. This shielding is crucial to prevent signal distortion, data corruption, and other issues caused by electromagnetic interference.

Compliance with Regulations

Many industries have regulations and standards regarding electromagnetic interference emitted by electronic devices. Using EMI mesh film ensures that the TFT displays comply with these regulations, such as MIL-STD-461.

Improved Signal Quality

By reducing electromagnetic interference, EMI mesh film helps maintain the quality of signals within the TFT display. This is particularly important in high-resolution displays where even slight signal disturbances can result in degraded image quality.

Preventing Cross-Talk:

Cross-talk occurs when signals intended for one part of the display interfere with signals intended for another part. EMI mesh film helps in minimizing cross-talk by containing the signals within their intended pathways, enhancing the overall display performance.

Enhanced Reliability:

By reducing the impact of electromagnetic interference, EMI mesh film contributes to the overall reliability and longevity of the TFT display. It helps prevent malfunctions and ensures consistent performance over time.

In summary, EMI mesh film is a crucial component in TFT displays because it safeguards the device from electromagnetic interference, ensures compliance with regulations, maintains signal quality, prevents cross-talk, and enhances the reliability of the display, ultimately leading to a better user experience.

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