Atomation® Smart Sensors – Wireless Solutions for SmartFarming

Answer critical questions about equipment, machinery and the environment

Atoms are a new and better way to capture the information you need to know – whether it’s the temperature of the bearings or the CO2 in the atmosphere of a pig barn – Atoms answer the critical questions that mean the success or failure of your operations.

Simple Programming, Painless Implementation

Atomation® Atoms are small, battery-operated sensors with powerful computing capabilities. They are simple to install and can be used to monitor the status of utility poles in deployments of all sizes.

  • The wireless sensors deliver crucial real-time alerts to operators via SMS text, email or a RESTful API whenever a change in status or pole issue is detected.
  • Easily Installed – Attach Atoms to any pole or device in minutes. No special provisions are required for orientation or location.
  • One-Touch Configuration – After a one-step calibration process, the Atom learns its environment and becomes fully operational. Alerts begin automatically through Atomation Cloud Services.
  • Exception-Based Alerts – Receive text or email alerts only when thresholds are exceeded.
  • Wireless Communication – Atoms communicate wireless using Bluetooth and cellular communication. Cellular connectivity and device monitoring are included with each Atomation solution.
  • Battery Powered – Atoms can be installed anywhere without having to worry about connecting to power. Each device includes a 5-year service.

Barn Equipment and Environmental Monitoring

Critical Barn Equipment and Environmental Monitoring in Pork, Poultry and Livestock Production


Monitoring barn mechanical subsystems and the environment where livestock is housed has never been an option for most farmers because of the costs involved and the complexity of trying to hardwire the necessary equipment.

Barn equipment and environmental monitoring is an ideal use case for the Atomation solution.


Atoms are battery-operated sensors that communicate via Bluetooth (BLE) and Cat M1 Cellular, delivering real-time alerts via text message when anomalies occur and capturing historical data to give insights on mechanical subsystem operation and machine operation and environmental trends.

Atoms are installed on fans, feed motors, pumps, generators, and heaters across the livestock production facility to monitor key data inputs farmers need to know to maintain the health of their livestock.


Improved and stable growing conditions for poultry and livestock

  • Ideal meat quality and growing process
  • Stable and controllable meat/fat ratio i.e. rapid growth and increased meat yields

Healthy pork, poultry and livestock

Controlled feeding process

  • Optimized feed consumption
  • Optimized feed purchasing process (i.e. able to place feed orders in optimum time)

Automated monitoring and alarm system for mechanical failures of vital equipment (feeding, climate)

  • Temperature
  • CO2
  • Vibration (Fans, Motors, Conveyors), Electric Power On/Off, Equipment Active/Idle/Off (Motors, Fans)
  • Coming soon: Feed level control inside the silos

Atomation® will give a warning, before crucial damage will occur

  • Most of the mechanical equipment failures will give “pre-warning” before complete shutdown or failure
  • Increases equipment life-time and reduces maintenance costs

Agricultural Field Monitoring Solution

Composting Field Temperature Solution


Remote monitoring of the temperature and humidity of composting fields digitally and remotely has never been an option for most farmers because of the costs and complexity involved. Currently, farmers have to have someone manually walk the field, periodically inserting a temperature probe and recording the measurement.


The agricultural field monitoring solution from Atomation solves this problem. Atoms were mounted to a probe and fitted with external sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity of the compost field. Atoms were installed at key locations to ensure uniform measurement across the field. Atoms periodically measure temperature and humidity to adhere to regulation. Thresholds were set to let the farmer know when the field should be checked, and action needed to be taken.


Atoms began immediately reporting temperature variations across the field and were able to deliver a critical alert within the first few weeks that improved the yield of the compost field, resulting in a significant increase in the per-pound sale price of the compost.

Atoms continue to deliver the data periodically (along with alerts when necessary) to give the farmer the life cycle patterns of the compost.


Monitoring the temperature and humidity of the field throughout the production life cycle gives the farmer the ability to sell the final product at a higher cost! This increase in per pound revenue more than offsets the cost of the Atomation solution.

The Grofit and Atomation Partnership

Maximizing Agricultural Yield


Balanced irrigation is critical to maximizing agricultural yield and plant growth.

Depending on the crop, knowing soil composition, environmental temperature, and humidity can make or break a season for a farmer


Grofit partnered with Atomation to provide the data farmers need to increase their yield. Atoms provide a curated data feed that includes soil tension, humidity and temperature.

The data is delivered via customized app to the Grofit team who analyses the information.

Once analysed, the Grofit team then provides a recommendation to the farmer, making the changes needed to maximize production.


Farmers using the Grofit solution see an increase in yield of 20%, maximize the genetic potential of the crops, achieve a higher yield and better quality, and conserve water, fertilizer, and other inputs.


Farmers in arid landscapes were able to reduce their water consumption, further reducing production costs for their crops.

Farmers can achieve Sustainability Targets easier

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