Atomation® Smart Sensors (i.e. Atoms) improve utility operations by providing real-time notification of damaged legacy object to key personnel.

Once installed on infrastructure, Atomation gives operators visibility into the status of legacy object and detects abnormal activity (e.g. power loss, increased temperature, fallen poles, vibration, tilt, impact, equipment status). This helps instantly identify service issues in the field, saving valuable man-hours and expediting emergency maintenance.



Outages Cost Millions and Drive Customer Dissatisfaction

“Major” events account for less than 20% of all service interruptions but more than 50% of the average time spent without service. Though they are less common than “Regular” events, they have a greater impact on customer experience due to extended loss of service.

– US Energy Information Administration

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Bridging the gap between smart switches and meters by connecting poles and substations to the IoT,  Atomation’s Utility Solution gives a voice to utility poles across the grid simply and affordably. Atoms are instantly configured and alert only when an issue has occurred, quickly identifying the exact location of damaged or downed poles during an outage.


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Unlike traditional SCADA and industrial control systems, Atoms require no hard wiring back to control rooms or additional IT infrastructure. Atoms easily attach to machines, learn your device to know what normal is, providing information wireless to monitor machinery, engines and devices that aren’t currently part of existing networks. Start connecting your legacy devices to the IoT. 

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Effectively and affordably monitor the quality and safety of your goods across your distribution network with our logistics Atom. Ensure cargo condition confidence by setting thresholds to record and alert when goods are outside set temperature and humidity ranges or goods are dropped or impacted.

Simple Programming, Painless Implementation

Atomation® Atoms are small, battery-operated sensors with powerful computing capabilities. They are simple to install and can be used to monitor the status of utility poles in deployments of all sizes.

The wireless sensors deliver crucial real-time alerts to operators via SMS text, email or a RESTful API whenever a change in status or pole issue is detected.

Easily Installed – Attach Atoms to any pole or device in minutes. No special provisions are required for orientation or location.

One-Touch Configuration – After a one-step calibration process, the Atom learns its environment and becomes fully operational. Alerts begin automatically through Atomation Cloud Services.

Exception-Based Alerts – Receive text or email alerts only when thresholds are exceeded.

Wireless Communication – Atoms communicate wirelessly using Bluetooth and cellular communication. Cellular connectivity and device monitoring are included with each Atomation solution.

Battery Powered – Atoms can be installed anywhere without having to worry about connecting to power. Each device includes a 5-year service.


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