PP-rest Oy has nominated as a Reseller for Atomation® Products and Services in Nordic and Baltic Countries

I’m honored to announce, that Atomation (Founded 2014 in Tel Aviv with its US headquarters in St. Louis, MO) and Topaz Avenue Inc / PP-rest Oy (PP-rest Oy is founded in 2005 with is HQ in Kaarina, Finland), have made an Reseller Agreement for PP-rest Oy representing Atomation® Products and Services in Nordic and Baltic Countries.

Atomation® solution for connecting legacy devices to the IoT turns current thinking upside down. Instead of hard-wiring complex sensors and building an expensive, data-intensive, centralized monitoring system, Atoms are easily installed, learn to recognize normal operation and then wireless communicate with teams and systems only when thresholds are reached or an anomaly has been detected. From utility poles to motors to pallets, Atoms solve challenges by giving insights into previously overlooked devices.


Bridging the gap between smart switches and meters by connecting poles and substations to the IoT,  Atomation’s Utility Solution gives a voice to utility poles across the grid simply and affordably. Atoms are instantly configured and alert only when an issue has occurred, quickly identifying the exact location of damaged or downed poles during an outage

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Unlike traditional SCADA and industrial control systems, Atoms require no hard wiring back to control rooms or additional IT infrastructure. Atoms easily attach to machines, learn your device to know what normal is, providing information wireless to monitor machinery, engines and devices that aren’t currently part of existing networks. Start connecting your legacy devices to the IoT. 

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Effectively and affordably monitor the quality and safety of your goods across your distribution network with our logistics Atom. Ensure cargo condition confidence by setting thresholds to record and alert when goods are outside set temperature and humidity ranges or goods are dropped or impacted.

PP-rest Oy provides customized Display and Touch Modules and Embedded Solutions for our customers. We are specialized for EPD Front Light solutions and professional Display and Touch stack-up’s. We also provide standard TFT modules and various Digital Signage products. Now, we are taking a further step to world of IoT, with great Products, Services and Support from Atomation team!

For further information, please contact to:

Mr. Jukka Salin (CEO PP-rest Oy / CTO Topaz Avenue Limited)

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