Why one should choose EPD (e-paper display)

EPD fits perfectly for battery powered IoT devices by Irene Tsai

Most of IoT devices are meant to be cordless, wireless and powered by batteries. Therefore, one of the biggest challenge for engineers is usually the power consumption.


In an indoor temperature and humidity sensor supplied with 2600mAh battery, equipped with 2.9” EPD (Electronic Paper Display, Black & White, e.g. DKE part no. DEPG0290BNS800F6), the major current consumption comes from:

  1. sensor measurement
  2. data transmission period (that say, station is nearby area within 10km, and payload is decent, and supposedly we need to measure and update the room condition every hour.)
  3.  idle mode

The sensor measurement and data transmission period take roughly 3 seconds with the average 35mA current consumption, while the idle period would be 3597 seconds.

In the current consumption and battery lifetime calculation (use same battery safety discharge e.g. 85%), the lifetime can be so highly dependent to the idle current consumption.    

Use on-line calculator  http://www.of-things.de/battery-life-calculator.php to estimate the battery lifetime,

When idle current 10uA, battery life is 6,442 years

When idle current 30uA, battery life is 4.265 years

Due to EPD characteristics, after loading the content to EPD (normally 1-3 seconds with 3mA), it retains the image while display goes to deep sleep mode, e.g. 1-5uA current consumption is required. That’s it! 

SolisDisplay is now cooperating with DKE to offer the variety of display sizes and different requirements in Nordic where the most innovative IoT applications continues its momentum to develop further even during corona-virus pandemic year.

Please check complete DKE EPD portfolio at: https://solisdisplay.com/dke-e-paper/

SolisDisplay has a standard EPD module portfolio available at: https://solisdisplay.com/e-paper-modules/

We are happy to help you with any customized EPD modules/solutions!

Please contact: Irene Tsai / Head of Programs irene@pp-rest.com

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