Atomation® Smart Sensors (i.e., Atoms) improve climate and feeding process of the Barn by providing real-time notification of damaged equipment or changed conditions to key personnel.

Once installed on infrastructure, Atomation gives operators visibility into the status of the equipment and processes and detects abnormal activity (e.g., power loss, increased temperature, fallen poles, vibration, tilt, impact, equipment status). This helps instantly identify service issues in the barn, saving valuable man-hours, money and expediting emergency maintenance.


Improved and stable growing conditions for poultry and livestock

  • Ideal meat quality and growing process
  • Stable and controllable meat/fat ratio i.e. rapid growth and increased meat yields
  • Healthy pork, poultry and livestock

Controlled feeding process

  • Optimized feed consumption
  • Optimized feed purchasing process (i.e. able to place feed orders in optimum time)

Automated monitoring and alarm system for mechanical failures of vital equipment (feeding, climate)

  • Temperature
  • CO2
  • Vibration (Fans, Motors, Conveyors), Electric Power On/Off, Equipment Active/Idle/Off (Motors, Fans)
  • Coming soon: Feed level control inside the silos

Atomation® will give a warning, before crucial damage will occur

  • Most of the mechanical equipment failures will give “pre-warning” before complete shutdown or failure
  • Increases equipment life-time and reduces maintenance costs

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